Simien Mountains

CHoncliffedge copyA message from our General Manager

No-one knows the Simien Mountains like us.  I was born and raised in the mountains.  My father was the first official nature guide in the Simien Mountains National Park and I grew up accompanying him on trekking tours and research projects.  Keeping up the family tradition my brother and I are both qualified wildlife and trekking guides with many years covering every corner of the Simien Mountains.

For the last 11 years we have worked closely with wildlife biologists from the University of Liverpool in England and the University of Michigan in the USA and from this we have extensive knowledge of the flora and fauna of the Simien Mountains and the ability to work with many different foreign groups of people.

We are a very experienced tour company based in the heart of Ethiopia’s adventure area and most famous wildlife park. Unlike foreign and Addis Ababa-based tour companies we truly know the Simien Mountains, as they are our home.



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